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Around Town - It's June. The plants are growing - everything is green and lush. A great time to walk or drive around and see our town. Click on thumbnail for a close-up.

  Ruth Germain
Photos (4) are taken from our backyard in Halton Hills, looking south east towards Toronto from on top of the Niagara Escarpment at Dublin Line and North of 25th Sideroad.

  Ruth Germain

  Ruth Germain

  Ruth Germain

  Charlotte Tribble - 16, Acton
Taken in the Acton Graveyard.

  Allen Stiehl - resident for 23 years
"This area is the best place to live for Cycling and hiking."
Trafalgar Road just south of 10th line looking east one fall day.


Our Civic Centre where you will find all the workings of our town. The picturesque grounds are well maintained and include many beautiful gardens.

  As you walk towards Historic Downtown Georgetown along Mill St., you will pass the mural depicting historic Georgetown.
  Knox Presbyterian Church on the corner of Main and Church Sts. in Historic Downtown Georgetown. One of many beautiful churches in our area.
  Remembrance Park. This project was a huge undertaking and was extremenly successful thanks to the generosity of many companies and individuals. Officially opened in 2001, it stands as a permanent memorial to our courageous veterans.
  A quaint little tunnel on the way to downtown - "The Culvert" on John St. (Thanks to Bill, a former resident of John St. for this information - we had incorrectly labelled it as Mill St.)
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